About Us

About Us

Andalusia for medical services

Andalusia is one of the leading institutions in providing healthcare services in the Middle East. With a network of public hospitals and specialized medical centers, as well as specialized clinics complexes in Egypt and KSA.

Andalusia group for medical services was established in 1984 by businessman and entrepreneur Dr. Darwish Zagzoug, starting with only one hospital located in Jeddah, KSA, and has since been growing increasingly throughout the following 30 years, currently owning and operating several healthcare facilities in both Egypt and KSA.


Andalusia Polyclinic – Fawaz was founded in 2005 in Jeddah with the objective to implement high-quality health services offered by our team of highly-skilled physicians with expert evaluation, and cutting-edge technology.


Because your health is our priority, in Andalusia Polyclinic – Al Sanabel, we provide you with efficient access to a broad range of medical services in one facility, functioning as a one-stop health center for the treatment of acute medical conditions, chronic diseases, and dental care.


Andalusia Clinics

We believe in the importance of expanding specialized health services in order to improve our services and the optimal attention to the health of our patients. We established polyclinics - Prince Fawaz in 2005, and then we started polyclinics AlSnabel to be closer to you and always at your service.

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