With COVID 19 – We Give you 19 Reasons Why You & I Are Still Fighting

We re-defined the virus name.

You Still


Overcome This Phase,

Value What Matters,

Identify Bigger Purposes

Dream Big

Then, why are we fighting this monster? Why does it matter?

We took a moment to ask ourselves before we asked other people, but mainly these are the 19 reasons why we are still fighting it together.

  1. Life is an offer to learn.
  2. Life is about the good & the bad; every moment counts.
  3. Life is in continuous movement; rich in new & different experiences.
  4. Life is a gift; we cherish & enjoy it.
  5. Life is about us & others; we should look after ourselves because we matter to others.
  6. Life is always changing, if we don’t live its changes, we’re missing out.
  7. Life is to find beauty.
  8. Life is to find peace.
  9. Life is about those small rewards.
  10. Life is also about scars.
  11. Life is also the bad, but there is always someone to help.
  12. Life is about problems that make us aware of how strong we really are.
  13. Life is a challenge that aids to better understand ourselves.
  14. Life it to discover something new about us every day.
  15. Life is about the love we give and receive, loving someone, loving something, loving life!
  16. Life is a pursuit of hopes, dreams, and achievements.
  17. Life is a source for wisdom that waits for us to drink from
  18. Life is about the connection made between yourself & every single creature out there.
  19. Life is important, you are important, your loved ones are important.

Our Vision Awaits us! A vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.

#Stay_Strong! #Live_Strong.